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Dried oregano is a familiar herb to anyone who's eaten pizza; it's good in meatballs too, and bean soup. We dry a lot of oregano for winter use, and in the spring, we have to shift gears to remember how to use it fresh--it's almost a different herb. The main idea is to use a lot of it, and to use it raw or barely cooked. It has a bright, intense flavor when raw, but loses a lot of it in cooking. Try a pasta salad with blanched asparagus, vinaigrette, garlic chives, and chopped raw oregano. Or add a handful of minced leaves to any dish that's just coming off the heat--this is great to do with sweet potato home-fries, and I bet it would be just as good with fried or roasted potatoes. You can also put the leaves in a blender with your vinaigrette ingredients, for an aromatic herb salad dressing.